Day 17: A Place To Belong.

Even in the perfect, sinless environment of Eden, God said, “it is not good for man to be alone.”  We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship and formed for a family and none of us can fulfil God’s purposes by ourselves.

Whenever, we become careless about fellowship, everything else begins to slide, too. Membership in God’s family is neither inconsequential nor something to be casually ignored.The church is God’s agenda for the world. Jesus said, ‘ I will build my church and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.‘ The church is indestructible and will exist for eternity.It will outlive this universe, and so will your role in it.

The person who says I don’t need the church is either arrogant or ignorant.The Church is so significant that Jesus died on the cross for it. “ Christ loved the church and gave his life for it.

The Bible says a Christian without a church home is like an organ without a body, a sheep without a flock or a child without a family.It is an unnatural state. “you belong to God’s household with every other christian.

Today’s culture of independent individualism has created many spiritual orphans- “bunny believers” who hop around from one church to another without any identity, accountability or commitment.We cannot be good christians without joining a local church. The Bible offers many compelling reasons for being committed and active in a local church.

Why You Need A Church Family 

  • A church family identifies you as a genuine believer.
  • A church family moves you out of self-centered isolation.
  • A church family helps you develop spiritual muscle
  • A church family will help you keep you from backsliding

The body of christ needs you: God has a unique role for you to play in his family. This is called your “ministry” and God has gifted you for this assignment. ‘A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church. Your local fellowship is the place God designed for you to discover, develop and deploy your gifts.

Jesus has not promised to build your ministry; he promised to build his church.

The Church is God’s instrument on earth. As members of  Christ’s body, we are his hands, his feet, his eyes and his heart.He works through us in the world.

God’s purposes for his church are identical to his five purposes for you.

  1. Worship helps you focus on God.
  2. Fellowship helps you face life’s problems
  3. Discipleship helps fortify your faith
  4. Ministry helps identify your talents;
  5. Evangelism helps fulfill your mission.

The Christian life is more than just a commitment to Christ; it includes a commitment to other Christians.




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