Day 12: Developing Your Friendship with God

Like any friendship, we must work at developing our friendship to God. It won’t happen by accident. It takes time, desire and energy.If you want a deeper, more intimate connection with God you must learn to honestly share your feelings with him, trust him when he ask you to do something, learn to care about what he cares about and desire his friendship more than anything else.

Day 11 we looked at the two secrets of friendship with God. Constant Conversation and Continual Meditation with God.

Day 12 we will discuss the other four secrets to becoming friends with God; to become friends with God:

  • We must choose to be honest with GodThe first building block of a deeper friendship with God is complete honesty; about your faults and your feelings. God does not expect us to be perfect but he insists on complete honesty. God allowed Abraham to question and challenge him over the destruction of Sodom. Abraham questioned God over what it will take to spare the city, negotiating God down from fifty righteous persons to Ten. other friends of God like David, Moses,Job, Jeremiah were frank with God in their dealings. even Jeremiah stated that God tricked him. God allowed Job to vent his bitterness. The question you may ask is that can God handle that kind of frank, intense honesty from me? absolutely.Genuine friendship is built on disclosure. What may appear as audacity God views as authenticity.

  • We must choose to obey God in Faith- Every time we trust God’s wisdom and do whatever he says, even when you don’t understand it, we deepen our friendship with God.
    Jesus made it clear that obedience is a condition of intimacy with God. He said ” You are my friends if you do what I command”

  • We must Choose to Value What God values- This is what friends do, they care about what is important to the other person. Paul is an examples of this.God’s agenda was his agenda and God’s passion was his passion.
    What does God care about most? The redemption of his people. He wants all his lost children found.
  • We must desire friendship with God more than anything else- David passionately desired to know God above all else. he used words like longing, yearning, thirsting, hungering. He craved God. That was why he was referred to as  “a man after God’s heart.” The truth is you are as close to God as you choose to be.

There is nothing-absolutely nothing-more important than developing a friendship with God. It is a relationship that will last forever.



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