Day 10: The heart of worship.

The heart of worship is surrender.Surrender is an unpopular word, disliked and implies losing and no one wants to lose.Surrender evokes the unpleasant images of admitting defeat in battle, forfeiting a game or yielding to a stronger opponent.

Paul urged us to fully surrender our lives to God in worship.

“so then my friends, because of God’s great mercy to us… offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him.This is the true worship that you should offer”- Rom 12:1.

True worship- bringing God pleasure- happens when you give yourself completely to God. Offering yourself to God is what worship is all about. God wants your life- all of it. Ninety-five percent is not enough.

Rick Warren stated that there are 3 barriers that block our total surrender to God: Fear, Pride and Confusion.

God deserves our surrendering to him due to the love he has shown us by making a supreme sacrifice of giving up his son for us, caring about every detail of our lives, forgiving us of our sins and so many and numerous to mention.

God does not try to break our will but woos us to himself, so that we might offer ourselves freely to you. God is a lover and a liberator, and surrendering to him brings freedom not bondage.

That desire to have complete control is the cause of so much stress in our lives.Life is a struggle but what most of us don’t realize is that our struggle like that of Jacob’s is really a struggle with God! we want to be God and there’s no way we are going to win that struggle.

Surrendering does not repress your personality instead it enhances it. C.S Lewis observed “The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become.”

Surrendered people obey God’s word even if it doesn’t make sense. The benefit of fully surrendering to God is that you experience peace. stop quarreling with God. secondly you experience freedom,¬†third you experience God’s power¬†in your life.

Surrender is not the best way to live it is the only way to live. Nothing else works. Everybody eventually surrenders to something or someone. If not to God, you will surrender to the opinions or expectations of others, to money, to resentment, to fear or to your own pride, lust or ego.






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