Day 3: What Drives your Life?

Key learnings for day 3: What drives your Life?

Everyone’s life is driven by something. Many people are driven by a problem, a pressure or a deadline. Others are driven by a painful memory, a haunting fear or an unconscious belief. There are hundreds of circumstances, emotions and values that drive people’s life.

Rick listed the 5 common ones to be:


Guilt-driven people are manipulated by memories and allow their past to control their future.They unconsciously punish themselves by sabotaging their success.

We are products of our pasts, we don’t have to be prisoners of it. Gods purpose is not limited by your past, even if your past is stained, he specializes in given you a fresh start.

Resentment and anger-driven people hold unto hurts and this is unhelpful and unhealthy.Resentments always hurts you more than it does the person you resent.

Fear-driven people often miss great opportunities because they are afraid to venture out.Instead they play it safe, avoiding risk and trying to maintain the status quo. Perfect Love cast out fear.

Materialistic people desire to acquire becomes the whole goal of their lives. This drive is based on the misconception that having more will make them more happy, more important and more secure. We have seen in most cases that possessions only provide temporary happiness, because things do not change, we eventually become bored with them and then want newer, bigger and better versions.

Your value is not determined by your valuables, your net worth is not the same as your self-worth.

Other people are driven by the need for approval.Being controlled by the opinions of others is a guaranteed way to miss God’s purpose for your life.

‘I don’t know all the keys to success, but one key to failure is to try to please everyone.’

This book is about living a purpose-driven life. What benefit do derive by living Purposefully.

Rick stated that there are 5 benefits:


Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose life has no meaning, Without meaning life has no significance or hope.Hope is essential to life as air without hope we cannot cope. Hope comes from having a purpose.

Your purpose defines what what you do and what you don’t. Without a clear purpose you have no foundation on which you base your decisions, allocate your time and use your resources.You will tend to make choices based on circumstances, pressure and your mood at that moment.

Without a clear purpose you will keep changing directions,jobs,relationships, churches, hoping that each change will fill the emptiness in your heart.

What did you do with the gifts, talents, opportunities, energy, relationships and resources God gave you.Did you spend it on yourself or did you use them for the purposes God made you for.


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